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when ur wife invites a bee over for dinner and he sits in ur spot



imagine a threeway with john green and macklemore


David Bowie

The Runaways

The Office Book (1982)
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Angels On The Balcony
Blondie · Autoamerican
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Blondie / Angels On The Balcony


"In the beginning we were creating our music, ourselves, every night… starting with a few outlines, maybe a few words for a song. Sometimes we woked out in Venice, looking at the surf. We were together a lot and it was good times for all of us. Acid, sun, friends, the ocean and poetry and music.."- Jim Morrison
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Your Lips Are Red
St. Vincent · Marry Me
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St. Vincent / Your Lips Are Red





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All My Stars Aligned
St. Vincent · Marry Me
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I’ll do a dance to make the rain come,
smile to keep the sky from falling, down, down, down,
collect the love that I’ve been given,
make a nest for us to sleep in here, you know it’s real

what was your question? love is the answer